The Why

BIPOC voices – particularly women – are often marginalized, excluded, or silenced in mainstream media. They’re shouting twice as loud for those in power to listen, but even then their message may be ignored or pigeonholed.

Unapologetic provides a space for women entrepreneurs of color to amplify their stories through their own voice. The hope is to inspire more women entrepreneurs to do the same and, in turn, make people listen.

Although women of color control nearly half of all women owned businesses in the US, they have significantly less access to capital and networks. Through the collective voices of Unapologetic, the goal is to educate consumers on the power of their spending to create racial equity and redistribute inequitable economic resources.

Unapologetic is pushing for systemic change. These interviews will help further explore barriers for women entrepreneurs of color, and to collectively determine what systemic changes can be implemented.

The What

Each contributor shares her story through an oral interview and then helps to edit the final narrative.  This is a collaborative and consensual process, where women who tell their stories also have agency to determine how their stories are shared.

Unapologetic contributors represent diverse industries, backgrounds, ages, education, cultures, and experiences across the national capital region. 

Meet The Storyteller

Claire Witko has spent her career focused on increasing access and equity – working with nonprofits, universities, NGOs, and governmental organizations – and inspiring entrepreneurial opportunities for youth and adults, alike. A storyteller by nature, she listens with compassion and an open mind, and is filled with questions that aim to encourage and support. As a photographer, Claire prefers to examine subjects close up, to capture details and unexpected (or unexplored) beauty. Her style is full of color and light, capturing bright and uplifting images that highlight joyfulness in the world around us.